About Us

​Our Story

Located in Orange Heights, Florida; John Henry Brown began what is currently Brown's Farm in 1916, with pecan groves.  It became a generational family farm that gained momentum when his son, Ralph Brown began vegetable farming in efforts to bring his family through the Depression almost 80 years ago, selling cabbage for 1 cent a piece.

Until his recent passing at 100 years old, Ralph was a voice of wisdom and guidance for his son, Roy, who has been managing the farm for over 30 years. Ralph and Roy farmed side by side and expanded their farm to the current 500+ acres.

Roy’s education, strong sense values and tradition, causes him to manage his farm with the future in mind. With this same mentality he utilizes many methods of sustainability such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and drip irrigation.

The Browns have always loved the community around them, and enjoy providing produce to them through their roadside stand. The idea branched from a successful 4-H project launched by Ralph’s older sons DeWayne and Reggie. In 1959, this project took form of the current stand we now service our community through. For many years it was managed by Ralph’s wife, Lola Mae, until she passed the responsibility to Roy’s wife Kathey. Many of our customers have witnessed several generations grow up before their eyes, and we, as Browns seek to continue sustaining our land and serving our community for more to come.

See You At The Farm!